The last few years and especially the last 6 months I noticed more and chemtrails where I live, not realizing at first the havoc it can cause to our health.

I had heard about Geo-Engineering, but wasn’t really clear what it meant to us and nature.

My health kept declining despite a healthy lifestyle with organic food, nothing processed, no grains (100% gluten-free), no tap water (only bottled spring water), no dairy, and definitely no chemicals in food or even anywhere in my house.

Nothing seemed to help, not even adding supplements, changing vitamins, adding minerals…

So I had to look into other things and accidentally came across more information about the above mentioned chemtrails and what is in it. At this point I don’t even want to go in to the “why” of those chemtrails, other than what is shown in the video “Why in the world are they spraying?” Even if it would be “depopulation” this is not important at the moment.

Important is to know what is raining down on you, what it’s doing to your health and what you personally can do about it.